09 January 2011

How many times I've done this??

Gang Affiliated?

I have always been interested in blogs, I have a few favorites that I love reading on various subjects, and I admire the following that they receive. This has happened quite a few times in my life when I think "Hey, I should start up my own blog! I have a pretty interesting life."
So I start up a blog on one of these free sites, wasting hours of my life trying to find a good looking template because I can't stand looking like all the other ones. Then I finally fix it to my specifications and then I start this bad ass intro into my life.
I probably post 5-10 more times then I eventually give it up. I have excuses why I did but those are individual stories in themselves.
So why am I doing this again? Because I really don't want to but I know that I'm at a time in my life where I am going to want to account for what I'm going through, what I have done, and how did I get past all the obstacles...and in the end was it all worth it.
So yeah, will there be times that I have a maniacal rant? Yes.
Will I post up articles that I find interesting and comment on them? Yes.
Will you do all that other blogging crap that you're supposed to do and stay committed? Yes.
But hopefully I can accomplish a few personal things while I do this as well.
So, yeah.

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