08 February 2011

6 Month Stretch Completed!

So I relaxed my hair on Friday, which made it actually 6 months and 2 weeks since my last relaxer. I don't actually do a complete relaxer (letting it sit on my hair forever) I actually Tex-lax, which I basically apply it to my hair and leave it on long enough to straighten the natural out, but there's still a little wave to it.
This is the tutorial that I follow to Tex-Lax my hair!

Now my hair came out really well, I have been very pleased with the results ever since I changed relaxers. I used to use the Pink new growth relaxer kit--I mean it worked when I had really short hair, but when my hair got thicker and more unruly it wouldn't do anything except make my hair really dry and I had to double deep condition to moisturize my scalp afterwards.

My momma was actually the one who put me on the relaxer that I use now:

Olive Oil Built-In Protection No Lye Relaxer Normal

Now I love the heck out of this relaxer, it is easy to use, it mixes flawlessly, and I love all the extras like the wrap creme and the heat protectant that you put on your hair to blow dry and/or flat iron. My hair is so soft and has absolutely no tangles after I go through this relaxing process. The cheapest I found this is only $5.45 at the Post Exchange on base (all afro-american hair products are super cheap on base...good for me!). But for those who can't get on a Military Installation I think it's like 7-something at Wal-Mart.

I will post a pic really soon, I forgot to right after I straightened it (getting ready to go out with my Crown, lol) and my hair as poofed back up kind of.

Question: What in the heck can I do to prevent my ends from poofing back up? It is always the first thing to go after I straighten my hair and a little bit of water gets on it. Thanks!

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