11 February 2011

At Home and Feelin' Fine

Well I'm at home in Georgia and I feel so much better. I'm spending some good time with my mom and I hope I can see some more of my family before I go. Since I'm still "recovering" from the mass dose of bad things that has happened, I started brainstorming on topics that I should write on for my blog. I started my hair kit for deployment list before I left, I also wanted to tell my little why I love being a Combat Camera Marine, why is a Marine blogging about non-military stuff, and goals to follow. Now I would love to get right on this but there's one problem...
I'm doing this on my Crackberry, and this is a pain in the butt.
"What, your mother doesn't have a computer?"
Yeah, too bad it's freakin' dialup. DIALUP. Yes, they still have that. Some pages won't even load it's so slow. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do because she lives so far out into the country she can't get cable.
Thank God for smart phones!

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