08 February 2011

My Mom wrote a BOOK!

Since this is the first post primarily about my mom, this is a very momentious occasion! My mom and I can be like oil and water, like night and day, but no matter how much I fight it or how wise and intelligent I think I have become, she will always be right and I will be wrong....98% of the time...ok who am I kidding, 99.9999995% of the time. Anyways. There are a few things that I did pick up from her, like my extremely beautiful features:
I know right? I'm too lucky! 
and the other thing is my love of writing and telling stories. I like telling my stories of things that I have been through over the years, and I've been told once or twice I'm pretty good at it. My mom on the other hand is great at giving advice, even when you may think it's not necessary...then you realize it was what you needed to hear all along.

Life, Keep on Living is apparently just her first installment on her inspirational writings. Here is her description:
"One of my purposes in writing this book was to provide the readers with unique ways of looking at life from another person’s point of views. I am a Georgia Licensed Nurse who has had lots of experiences with people and their lives due to 33 years in the field of nursing, and experiences in my own live. I am a graduate of Waynesboro High School of Waynesboro, Georgia, and a graduate of The Lawton B. Evans School of Nursing formerly of Augusta, Georgia. I reside in Waynesboro, Georgia. My greatest accomplishment was my daughter (Sgt. Jennifer L. Jones) of the USMC who has served our country well for 9 years and continues to serve. My first attempt at writing was in the 1990’s when I began writing poems. One of my poems (This Feeling) was published in The America at The Millennium, The Best Poems and Poets of the 20th Century by the International Library of Poetry in 1999 and again in the year, 2000. This is my first attempt at writing a book which started in the year 2008"
Since my mom kept this under wraps, I'm reading it right now as well, and yeah...it's like she's talking to me through the pages, definitely make you think on a spiritual level.
So please take a look, and if inspired please purchase it....all proceeds go to buying out my USMC contract...

But seriously, maybe you're losing focus on what you want out of life, and you know that to get back on track you have to be on the same page with God, to allow Him to enter into your life and take a step back. To breathe in and realize what you really have and appreciate it. Then and only then you can start living life the way He wants you to.  If this has been the case (Lord knows it's been for me as well) then what do you have to lose?
Life, Keep on Living

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