22 May 2011

No, I didn't fall off!

Yeah, I know it's been quite a while since anyone has heard from me...
Well WiFi here was a big disappointment, there still isn't any where I live at. And the internet I use at work doesn't take kindly to Marines who want to blog I guess, so this site is blocked. So I'm using a couple of minutes while I load up a video for my college class to give everyone a quick update...

*Yes it sucks here and yes I'm a secretary.
*I have stayed consistent with Operation Prison Swole and has seen major improvements in strength and my body, slowly and steadily.
*I have learned to be disciplined when it comes to my eating habits and now I'm pretty comfortable with turning away from junk food or bacon.
*I haven't smoked in a month.
*I may transition my hair to fully natural while I'm out here, next month I was supposed to relax my hair, now I'm not so sure if I want to.
*I still have no idea when I'm leaving here.
*I should have just came here single because I'm definitely leaving here single, lol. With that, there's nothing I can do here about it so I don't focus on it.

That's about it in a nutshell, I'm focusing on myself to prevent this environment from driving me absolutely insane. If you want to email me and check up it's best if you use this address: shestaysdeployed@gmail.com
Seriously. I know there's no need for email anymore since facebook but I don't get to check mine 10 times a day anymore!! But seriously, hit me up on that because fortunately that's not banned as well.

Until next time...

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rychefan84 said...

Well good luck with things actually started following you a while back here through my friend Dave who also follows you

Thanks again for serving its much appreciated cannot thank you enough